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serve MI

Glad to be here trying to help veterans like my father and brother find alternative energy as a source to repatriate their devotional commitment for the common good to prevail with us . Welcome home we're not done here.

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Serve MI
The website for the Michigan Biodiesel Co-op. We were building a biodiesel fueling station in Ypsilanti on Ellsworth between Hewitt and Michigan avenue.
Tuesday, March 6, 2007

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Fueling a Revolution
A great article from the San Francisco Chronicle the other day:

About a year ago, Paul McNees chose to change his life by changing his fuel.

He sold his Saturn sport utility vehicle and bought a diesel-powered Mercedes-Benz. A mechanic whipped it into running order and replaced the soft rubber fuel lines with something sturdier.

Then the El Sobrante teacher started burning biodiesel -- a fuel cooked up not from petroleum but from vegetable oil, often waste oil from restaurants or food processing plants.

"I just couldn't justify filling up that tank with gasoline anymore for a multitude of reasons,'' said McNees, 43, citing global warming and the war in Iraq. "This has been great. It's totally cleaned out the engine. It runs great, has a lot more power. It sort of smells like french fries -- it doesn't have that noxious diesel smell."

You can read the entire article from the San Francisco Chronicle website.
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Is your car biodiesel ready?
How can you tell if your car can accept biodiesel?

Well first, your car needs a diesel engine..

(etc etc)

For more info, check out the book "Biodiesel: Basics and Beyond."
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Biodiesel Road Show!
Put all the details in here.

OK, here are some more details:

[more to come]
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This is how you upload an image

Here is a picture.
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Great Lakes Biodiesel Co-Op Website created
This is the first post; just getting the system up and running right now, but check back for updates!
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Great Lakes Marine Biodiesel initiative
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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

SWM Americas: SWM Americas: about

SWM Americas: SWM Americas: about

North America here. Seeking Shit for methane production.  Humanure possibilities, make Tea for farming with soils too.  Can it be used for  methane, could it be done small scale local.?  I know the city uses it to breakdown our Landfill in Ann Arbor, where they harvest the methane to sell back to us.